Improvement of hydrological model for river floods and flash floods forecasting.
France, French Republic
SUEZ SMART SOLUTION offices located in Talence (Bordeaux suburb) in France.
Data Science/Computing
Water, Utility, Environment

SUEZ puts digital technologies at the heart of its innovations to support all stakeholders involved in resource conservation: local authorities, companies, (industry, property managers) water, water treatment and waste processing services users.

This is the core business of SUEZ SMART SOLUTION, a dedicated subsidiary that gathers 250 experts in fields such as environment, technical IT and data sciences. We collect and process our data and those of our clients and use them to enhance our expertise in the field of environment as a whole.
Over the last decade, SUEZ SMART SOLUTION has developed a leading edge expertise in real-time anticipation (RTA) of river and sewer systems, based on a dedicated platform called AQUADVANCED URBAN DRAINAGE. The RTA of such systems relies on the combined use of monitoring data, rainfall forecasts and numerical models to compute the hydraulic condition, and anticipate its behavior. This tool aims to rapidly provide accurate information in case of flooding events, before they occur, to help the authorities take the best decisions and minimize risks.

SUEZ has deployed such systems in many cities in France like Dijon, Biarritz or Marseille as well as internationally such as Singapore. The current results are satisfactory and feedbacks are good, but we are considering further improvements, mainly in terms of modelling and hydrological response to precipitation. The method used to convert rainfall into runoff, while being extremely fast and efficient, does not take into account spatial variability at the subcatchment scale. The current approach can only be used on gauged basins, which limits the scope of deployment. To improve our methods and better respond to the challenges we face, we are exploring new modelling approaches for the phenomena mentioned above.

Within that framework, the internship will have the following objectives:

  • Summarize the state of the art of modeling approaches and software available for the simulation of hydrological processes.
  • Identify the solutions that best meet our constraints and objectives.
  • Test these solutions on practical cases and evaluate the potential gain compared to current solutions.

If positive, prepare and implement this solution in our development platform for real time study.



The internship will have a total duration of 4 to 6 months and will be split in 3 successive parts:

  1. Preliminary phase: 1 to 1,5 months
  • State of the art on hydrological models and evaluation of associated performances.
  • Selection of a set of solutions to be tested.
  1. Evaluation of the selected solutions in terms of performance and benefits: 2 to 2,5 months
  • Software adoption.
  • Setup of tests cases based on our already deployed instances and model.
  • Run of the test cases and analysis of the performance and benefit.
  1. Integration in the real-time platform: 1 to 1,5 months
  • Development of a connector prototype and test.

Skills and qualifications:

Good knowledge of hydrology, fluid mechanics and modelling.

Experience in Programming languages, preferably Python.

Fluent in French or English.

Attracted by challenges, good interpersonal skills, good adaptability, proactive spirit.


  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Recommendation letter
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Company details

We’ve been experts in water and waste management for 150 years. We operate on 5 continents, on which SUEZ harnesses all its desire for innovation to achieve an efficient and sustainable management of resources throughout the world. Our company supports its customers as they change from a linear model, which over consumes resources, to a circular model, aiming to recycle and recover them for future use.