EDF Asia
Hydro-solar development - finance assistant
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Nam Theun 2 Power Company - 23 Singha Road - Vientiane LAO PDR (occasional travels in the region)
Renewable energy developement - project business plan
Hydro-power & renewable generation


Nam Theun 2 (1070 MW, central Laos) is one the largest operating hydro power plants in South East Asia. After 10 years of successful operation and a renowned track record in environmental and social benefits, shareholders of NTPC (EDF, EGCO and LHSE) are planning an upgrade of the scheme with the addition of 240MW of floating solar capacity on the reservoir, making it the world's largest hydro-solar hybrid scheme. By combining the benefits of water storage and abundant solar resource, the resulting hybrid power plant will enhance its flexibility and maximize renewable generation during the dry season through an innovative  “water saver” concept, increasing resilience to extended drought periods. The floating solar farm currently under development could start construction in 2021.

Objectives of the internship

Based in Laos (Vientiane with occasional travels in the region) the intern will be part of an international project development team, involving NTPC dedicated resources, and support from engineering functions in EDF France and EGCO development team in Thailand. The project also involves close interactions with relevant Lao Government stakeholders who will ultimately deliver the project key consent and permitting.

The intern will support the project team in the area of finance and economics: mastering a complex set of assumptions (business plan inputs) on expected revenues, project lifetime, construction costs, operation and maintenance costs, supply chain, tax, insurances, project risks and financing etc... The intern will be charged of refining investment scenarios, run sensitivity analysis, find optimal combinations to maximize project net present value, and establish key documentation and presentations for project steering committees. The intern will also analyze the hydro-solar emerging market, looking at other similar developments, to ensure the project can benefit from the latest innovations on this technology.

- Master Graduate with solid skills in finance and economics

- Good understanding in energy management and renewable development

- Ability to work in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team

- Innovation mindset


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